Sovella Configurator. 

Now rebranded as Treston US


The Brief.


The Sovella Product Configurator was originally developed by Aarkid Ltd. One of the original designers of the application and owner of Moji-Moji Designs bought the rights, source code and assets with the intention of making it more accessible with the onset of WebGL becoming a more viable platform for web based applications.


The original version was created as a Java app, which limited the scope of hardware it could run on, and with HTML 5 and WebGL being a more attractive proposition, a rewrite took place.

The client wanted their Configurator to run on as many different hardware platforms as possible, and for all major issues fixed. Moji-Moji Designs fulfilled this request and started to improve how the various logic systems worked.


The Sovella configurator laid the groundwork for all the other projects Moji-Moji Designs have created. In January 2017, the Sovella product configurator and the Sovella iBench iPad app were merged in to the Treston Configurator and iBench applications due to the Treston branding being used in Sovella’s markets.

Product Features.


Using a Four Step system, the Sovella Configurator is easy to use and features an uncluttered user interface, whilst still offering a depth of detail required to create complex configurations.


The Four Steps.

  • 1. Choose your Workbench. Choose from Five workbench ranges;
    • Concept inc. Manual height adjust, Hand-crank and Motorized adjustments
    • Workshop
    • TP
    • Cornerstone
    • Towerline, Single and Double sided
  • 2. Dimensions and materials.
    • Choose the Depth and Width of your Bench.
      Choose the worktop material.
  • 3. Upright Modules and Accessories that connect to them.
    • Choose for a large range of shelving, Power Rails and Bin Rails.
  • 4. Accessories.
    • Items that are placed either on the outside of the upright module notched bars, under the worktop or external accessories, such as Cabinets, Chairs or foot rests.


Once the configuration is complete, the user can request for a quote, which will create an itemized list of their order and emailed to Sovella.


Configurator Details.

  • Fully Functional on any device that supports WebGL. Tailored to Desktop/Laptop devices as well as Tablet displays.
  • Highly optimised graphics created by Moji-Moji Designs using CAD models as reference to ensure that the Sovella Configurator can be handled by as many devices as possible and lowering load times.
  • The Sovella iWorkbench App is available on the Apple App Store for the Apple iPad.
  • Dev Area Access for the client; If they wish to add a new distributor version of the configurator, they can do so themselves with little effort.
  • Easily update language text strings using the Dev Panel within the Dev Area. With a press of a button, the client can update their edited text strings to a Dev or Live Build and Schedule updates to the Dev or Live versions.
  • Substitutions and Additions list. For SKUs that use several individual products, the Treston Configurator will detect and adjust the output product codes to the correct SKU. Also if an accessory is placed on certain benches, the configurator will also add any extra fittings required and include in the user’s Quote.