MadHouse! Darts Scorer

The original mobile darts scoring app. Score darts wherever you are playing, will suit the darts beginner or pro!

Beautifully designed and easy to use, MadHouse features x01 darts scoring, 8 separate player profiles with in depth statistics, cricket scorer, bermuda party game and many more Mad features!

Play 301 to 901 with selectable sets, legs and double in/out modes.. Throw against 2 to 4 friends or versus the team of over 70 Madhouse bots, all modelled on real world players, watch them play live in the dart throw simulator.

MadHouse also features a 4 player Cricket Scorer mode, Bermuda and Gotcha party game modes!

So grab your arrows and head out for a darts night with MadHouse as your companion, you’ll be a premier league darts professional in no time!

MadHouse Darts Scorer features:
• 301, 501, 701, 901 darts scoring modes with fully selectable set and leg amounts, build your own championship!
• Double in, double out or no doubles modes for x01 and Gotcha.
• Easy score entry with checkout display and live checkout updates if a dart is missed.
• More than 70 MadHouse bots to play against all with varying skill from influenced by a few sherbets to premier league class.
• 8 separate player profiles with plenty of saved statistics and custom name entry.
• Party games of Cricket, Bermuda and more, all with up to 4 players at once.
• Improve your darts game, track your performance, darts scores and results.


Available to download on iOS devices via the button below;

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