Here is a list including links to clients we have been fortunate to work with, whether working on Product Configurators or within the games industry.



Partner company of Sovella, they are creators and distributors of workspace furniture and storage solutions for manufacturing, laboratory and medical environments. Moji Moji Designs is in charge of their product configurator which enables customers to create their ideal workspace environment in four easy steps.




Distributors of workspace furniture and storage solutions for lab and manufacturing environments. Moji Moji Designs have created their product configurator which enables customers to configure their own workspace environment, from the workbenches through to upright accessories such as shelves and cabinets.


 Creators and distributors of medical environment furniture and storage solutions within operating rooms and surgeries. Moji Moji Designs created a product configurator for them.

Games Industry


Kavcom publishes and deals with marketing for several studios and provides services for Gomobli and Tick Tock for instance and have worked with Moji Moji Designs on projects.


GoMobli is a one stop shop for user interfaces, website design and any graphic design requirements. Collaborated with Moji-Moji Designs on Madhouse! Darts Scorer.


Tick Tock are mobile game developers who are responsible for recently porting Z Steel Soldiers and Superfrog HD to mobile devices and have used Moji Moji Designs’ services to help with porting titles to mobile devices.


Four Door Lemon is an independent games studio who has used Moji Moji Design’s services over the last several years.