About WebGL


WebGL- What Is It? What Can It Do For Me?

Moji-Moji Designs is championing WebGL which with the release of HTML5, enables fast 3D visuals to be run on a variety of devices, all without the need of a plug in for your browser!

What is WebGL?

WebGL is a Javascript based piece of magic that enables anyone with a compatible browser to enjoy fast 3D visuals without ever having to download any plug-ins thanks to HTML5, which other solutions require.

And because it is Javascript based, it means that there is a high chance your Smart Phone or Tablet device will run it too! So you can be sat on the train or even on the loo and be able to enjoy playing games through your browser!

If you want a more technical description for WebGL, it’s history and other interesting information, check out the Wikipedia Page!

How Do I Get some WebGL In My Life?

First of all, you need to have the latest browsers. On PC, Chrome and FireFox are highly recommended. On Mac, Safari, Chrome and FireFox. Click on the images to download the respective browser. We recommend Chrome.


Got them? Great! now visit the Get WebGL site and if you see a spinning 3D cube, it’s all good! You are now ready to experience WebGL!


And now go and enjoy the possibilities of WebGL!

WebGL Demonstrations

Here’s a few sites to check out if you want to see what WebGL can do;