About Moji-Moji

Who Is Moji-Moji Designs?

Moji-Moji Designs is a New-Media company who specialize in 3D web and portable device content.

Due to our vast experience within the games industry, due to previous employments at Rockstar Leeds, Mobius Entertainment and Free Radical to name a few, we are perfectly skilled to deal with HTML 5/WebGL, JavaScript  and the latest mobile technologies.

We are comfortable working with large multi-national corporations as well as independent game developers.

We have worked along side companies such as Sovella, Aarkid, Tick Tock just to name a few, whether helping to get games out of the door or creating product configurators that have been used around the world to build items to the user’s specifications.

Passionate about games, technology, cars and model plane flying, Moji-Moji Designs is always ready for a challenge.


What we can offer;

  • 2D and 3D content using experienced Games industry professionals.
  • HTML5/Web GL based applications.
  • IOS/Android/Windows and Mac OS applications.
  • Full production pipeline; From concept through to release.
  • Full internal scheduling and bug tracking/fixing for projects so clients can be hands off if desired.
  • Full understanding of making achievable goals and releasing to spec.
  • Backend Server services.

We are always looking for new clients and if you want to discuss what we could do for your company/product range, please feel free to contact us to organize a meeting.